Ballet, cooking, figure-skating, doll playing, and sewing. What do these tasks have in common? Femininity.  However, we no longer live in a world where gender roles are narrowly defined, and any person who tries to deviate from them becomes an easy target of others’ ridicule. Tailoring was dominated by men for the greater part of history, but throughout most of the last century, sewing was taught in high school Home Economics lessons. It was part of a standardized curriculum for girls and boys took to tasks that were socially ascribed to men. In simple terms, sewing was not considered masculine.

Nearly every book or magazine, old or new, about sewing, is created for a female audience, including those written by men. Illustrations are usually of women’s bodies, and discussion of garments focuses on a woman’s wardrobe only with a few exceptions; as sometimes there is a chapter tucked in the back of the book about seaming for men and children. The marketing of the home sewing industry has exclusively targeted female folk. This includes everything from pattern ads, sewing machines ads, promotional ads for new materials, etc.

Inevitably, we have to ponder over homophobia, since many well-renowned men in fashion are gay. Fear of being labeled gay makes it even less likely that a man who is not gay, or even one who might be venturing into dressmaking.

Knowing how to sew does not make you less manly than the average Joe because you know how to sew and there are many reasons why men’s sewing is so cool:

It’s As Masculine Any Other Male-Dominated Profession

Building, construction, carpentry, and welding all have one common denominator: masculinity. The mechanics of sewing does seem to interest a fair number of men, and a significant part of sewing is about measuring, cutting, and construction, all which involves a great deal of concentration and craftsmanship to accomplish.

Most Men’s Clothes Are Designed By Men

Hello, remember these guys: Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, David T. Abercrombie, Ezra Fitch, and Levi Strauss? These are all men and are some of the world’s top designers. So keep your aspirations as high as they did and soon, you’ll be dining with the stars, or come pretty close.

Old Fashioned Gender Expectations Are Fading Away

Nowadays people have more freedom to choose what they want to make of their lives, and more men are ditching the stereotype are making a choice to sew! Also, in the face of a dwindling economy, more men are realizing that they can save money by stitching their own trousers, mending clothes, and making their own gifts.

Men Can Now Network With Other Tailors

With the new age trend of the worldwide web, group texts, forums, and blogs, men can take advantage of the information available online to spread their tentacles and find people who they share similar interests. Alas, they can even get an online sewing buddy to keep the fire burning. Knowing that you’re in the right place with the right people, gives you a sense of purpose.

Develop A Trade Secret

Developing a textile invention such as clothing, gift making, bedding and anything that involves sewing, as with other inventions, comes with its signature style. The top guns in men’s fashion all have their trade secrets, which make them unique and unbeatable. You can start by selling your own digital sewing patterns over the internet and save money on printing costs while allowing yourself a dose of instant gratification. If you want to command respect from your associates, contemporaries as well as clients, tailoring is just one way to achieve that. People will come from far and wide to get a piece of craft that they can’t get elsewhere on the surface of the planet. Go you!

It Is An Opportunity To Do It Big

There are a lot of male start-up dressmakers out there that are notoriously ambitious, entrepreneurially astute, and think largescale. Just like extensive mechanized farming, where you have huge machines and laborers saving you time and making you money, you too can channel your skills and resources towards impacting the lives of other people. Digital sewing machines have gained prominence, and everyone loves and wants to work with a man who is tech-savvy and knows all the tricks of his trade.

In today’s world, there is no limit to what you can combine with men’s sewing to make it a fun experience, while you make money and gain communitywide respect. Start from the ground up, ensuring that you acquire the latest gadgets and well-positioned real estate for your operations. Doing this is guaranteed to repurpose your business to have multiple workstations and admit other third-party tailors to use your facility for a fee.