1. Best quality control – you

You will be in charge of the whole process of making the garment, from fabric choice to polishing the details.

2. No shopping – store or online

Waiting for your online purchase to arrive only to find out that the jumpsuit is a bit too small and have to be sent back. Having the skillset of making your own clothes you can skip all that.

3. Your size and fit – always

You can make everything fit exactly to your body. We are all different and if you’re not into wearing super oversized robes every day then sewing is the answer to getting garments look flawless on you.

4. Originality – a big one

This is self-explanatory. If you have made it yourself it is crazy difficult to walk down the streets and see someone wearing exactly the same thing – and if that happens … then you might have found your soulmate.

5. The environment – even a bigger one

Fast fashion industry is creating an environmental crisis – no one wants the pile of cheap, old clothes. You can make a big difference by making high quality long-lasting garments. It is way more difficult to throw away a pair of trousers if you have made them yourself.

6. The sky is the limit

Have a Pinterest board full of designer clothes you would like to wear one day? Then buy yourself a sewing machine and get on it.