Of course sewing never really went away but it was dubbed as a granny activity at a time. It has traditionally been passed from one generation to another and recently had resurgence being picked up by masses across the generations. With technological advancements and access to everything online, young adults are taking in sewing as their new hobby. It is being transformed from a dying art to a cool hobby.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that helped sewing regain its popularity.

1. Technological Advancement Made it Easy

Technology advancement has got to be the biggest factor responsible for this gracious comeback. The internet has made it so easy to learn how to cut out pattern pieces and sew just about any cloth out there. You do not need a degree in sewing or fashion to be able to pull off a craft. Today, you can simply look up some articles on the web or DIY videos on Youtube. Pinterest and social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the likes are littered with ‘how-to’ videos and sneaky tips to get your sewing game on.

2. Easy Access to Sewing Materials

A few decades ago, a seamstress must visit the market or a sewing material store to buy fabrics and other materials necessary to sew a dress. Fast forward to today and you have everything you need online. Ditch the stores. You can order for any type of gorgeous fabrics and other sewing materials online and have them delivered to your doorstep without breaking a sweat.

Also, sewing machines are now more easy and intuitive to operate. Besides Singer there are many new companies on the market who have targeted their product just for the hobby sewists. With little effort, you can set up your new machine in a few minutes and delve into the sewing pool with no hassle.

3. Green is the new black

Earth is at the verge of destruction and keeping this planet inhabitable has gone beyond the responsibility of a select few to the responsibility of every human. So, going green is the new trend. A little tweak in our daily activities can make a huge difference.

And one way of doing this is by limiting the amount of stuff we buy, use and throw away. You can give a new life to old garments by upcycling. With picking your own materials for sewing you can employ organic and ethically produced fabrics instead of cheap synthetic ones used by commercial companies.

4.Ensures Quality and Custom Fit

Quality is a vital ingredient when it comes to sewing.  By making your own clothes, you are in total control of the materials and techniques used. Therefore, you can control the quality of the output. Furthermore, you can control the size and fit of the dress. There is no need to amend it after sewing as you will be making it to fit perfectly with your body size.

5. Creativity & personal style

Sewing today is transformed from a necessity to a creative hobby. Young people value having their own fashion style and want to differentiate from others. There are tons of sewing patterns, inspiration and DIY sewing projects on the web to choose from, but it is almost impossible that somebody will be wearing exactly the same garments as you have made. And yes, the satisfaction when you display your garments to your friends – both online and offline.

In-house Bonus

Here is an in-house secret that most people do not know. Sewing your own clothes can be much cheaper than buying good quality designer garments. You get to purchase the materials at reasonable prices and cut back on sewing fee.

Take Away

Gone are the days when sewing was portrayed as feminine household activity. Nowadays, everyone can learn to make their own clothes and allow them to explore their creative side and personal style. Ready to join the sewing revolution?