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Beampat is a laser projector that visualises sewing patterns straight on the fabric and eliminates the use of paper – no more printing, cutting and taping.

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How does it work?

Sounds familiar?

To be honest I printed a PDF for a dress and there’s about 45 pages to join up, plus cutting the borders off
I don't have a printer so I'm not using any online patterns & half of the time the problem is to understand the pattern
How are you storing your paper patterns? It'so annoying to have so many rolls of papers lying around

Step into the Future

Beampat is bringing traditional sewing into the digital era. Dealing with paper patterns has been slow & painful, not to mention the storage issues. This mini laser projector marks the outlines of your sewing pattern on the fabric for quick cutting. It makes it easy to optimize the use of fabric and to change the size of your pattern.

An online platform for getting and storing patterns is connected to your device so all those are digitally archived for convenient access. Any changes you make to the pattern are instantly visible on your fabric.

Quick pattern preparation

Projector visualises the outlines of your chosen piece on the fabric instantly and makes it easy to do any kind of modifications.

Paper is a thing of the past

With Beampat there is no need to print out 70 pages from PDF patterns to put together a sewing pattern for one coat. Actually no paper is needed anymore to prepare your pieces.

Everything in one place

Remember when tried to find the missing sleeve pattern of your favourite sweater? With Beampat all your pattern pieces are stored in one place digitally – for quick & easy access.


A device to visualise sewing patterns on the fabric


A variety of high quality sewing patterns to choose from


Compatible with Android & iOS devices


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Beampat is currently in development.
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